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About Us

Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy develops community-owned renewable energy projects that reduce carbon emissions and create more wildlife in Wiltshire. At the same time we generate local benefits through our community grant fund and returns to our community shareholders. 

Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy was created in 2013. We own 3 rooftop solar arrays on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust buildings and two community solar farms: Chelworth and Braydon Manor.

We are a not for profit community benefit society owned by our '1 member 1 vote' shareholders, governed by local volunteer directors and run for the benefit of Wiltshire communities. Surplus funds generated by our solar arrays go into a community grant fund to support community-led initiatives that help reduce carbon emissions and create more wildlife in Wiltshire. Structured as an asset-locked community benefit society, we are registered under the Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

About Us
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Biodiversity in the UK continues to decline dramatically due to increasing intensification of agriculture, urbanisation and the impact of chemicals and other pollutants in the environment.


Since the 1930s lowland wildflower meadows have declined by 97% and hedges, home to birds and shelter for other types of wildlife, have been ploughed away to create huge fields supporting monoculture crops. Recent research has shown that where land management is carried out with a focus on wildlife, an increase in biodiversity can be seen across a range of plant and animal species.


Reflecting our origins and on-going link with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT), one of the core objectives of WWCE is: Advancing, promoting and furthering the conservation, maintenance and long term protection of wildlife and its habitats.


Land Management for Biodiversity


Community Fund

Delivering community benefits is central to WWCE’s vision.

To date, £130,000 has been donated to its Community Fund and grants have been awarded to community and voluntary group projects throughout Wiltshire. These include Wiltshire ScrapstoreSeeds 4 SuccessSustainable WarminsterARK, SPLASH - Youth Action WiltshireFriends of Biss MeadowsHolbrook Primary School and Cycle Chippenham.


The Community Fund is managed by a panel and administered by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT). When considering which Wiltshire-based projects should be supported through the Community Fund, the panel looks for evidence that they reflect WWCE’s own aims and objectives. To be eligible, projects need to focus primarily on one or more of the following concerns: wildlife conservation, climate change mitigation, reducing carbon emissions (including local food, transport, waste projects etc) or tackling fuel poverty.


To apply for a grant of between £500 and £5,000 from the Community Fund, please use the Community Fund Application Form and refer to the Application Guide. To apply for a small grant of up to £500 please submit the Small Grant Application Letter or Form.

The Fund is currently open for applications and the panel meet three times a year to decide awards. Meetings in 2024 are scheduled for 12th February, 10th June and 14th October. Applications must be received at least two weeks before meetings.

If you have any questions please contact the Community Fund Officer: or Phone: 01380 736096 / 07568 231015



WWCE has three rooftop projects: Clattinger, Fisheries and Langford. All three projects were purchased from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) in December 2013.

The Clattinger Farm House installation is 4kW and is situated on a garage roof at WWT’s Clattinger Farm Nature Reserve. Clattinger is considered the finest remaining example of enclosed lowland grassland in the UK, and is of international importance for its hay meadow wildflowers.


The Fisheries Cottage installation also is 4kW and is on the roof of a cottage at Langford Lakes Nature Reserve. The nature reserve covers an expanse of 31 hectares, with four lakes and an 800m stretch of the Wylye River, which is designated as a Special Area of Conservation.


The Langford Visitor Centre installation is the largest at 10kW and is on the roof of the Lakeside Building at Langford Lakes Nature Reserve.

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Meet the Team


Lesley Bennett

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Jake Burnyeat

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Julian Barlow


Rob Gillies

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Jonathan Bateman

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Angela Wright


David Lewin

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Russell Abbott

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Damian Haasjes

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Lucy Normington


Sylvia Wyatt

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Jessica Thimbleby



Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) is a charity dedicated to conserving our natural heritage, promoting greener ideas for living well, energy management, minimising waste and encouraging people to explore, experience and enjoy the natural world around them. Since 1962 WWT has been inspiring, informing, including and influencing people across Wiltshire – with one aim, to get more people involved in helping protect the environment and promote sustainable living.


Ethex  are a positive investment company who manage WWCE's share register.  This includes administering member interest and capital payments, keeping member contact and bank details up to date, share buy-backs and issue of new shares and probate administration.

For any queries relating to your WWCE community shares please contact Ethex:

Communities for Renewables CIC (CfR)

CfR CIC is a mission-led community interest company which helps communities to set up local energy enterprises and works with them to develop, finance and manage their own renewable energy generation. CfR provides company and asset management services to Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy Ltd and its subsidiaries.


Established in 1993, Naturesave Insurance is one of the UK’s leading ethical insurance providers and specialises in insuring community renewable energy projects.  Naturesave’s commercial activities fund its charity, The Naturesave Trust which provides grants for environmental projects across the UK’


British Solar Renewables (BSR)  is a leading renewable energy services provider based in Shepton Mallet. Founded in 2010, BSR has grown into one of the largest integrated developers in the UK with over 530 MW of ground-mounted solar PV parks successfully installed to date, and a similar quantum of operational assets under management. BSR provides operations and maintenance services to the Braydon Manor solar array.

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank only finances loan customers creating social, environmental or cultural added value – ranging from large ethical loan customers to smaller, innovative organisations meeting local needs. Triodos Bank has over 20 years’ experience of investing in renewable energy. Triodos Bank has provided a long-term loan to the Braydon Manor solar array.

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