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1million species under threat

The natural world which forms humanity's safety net, is disappearing at an increasing rate as a result of human activity, a new UN report reveals.

Based on scientific resources across over 50 countries as well as indigenous knowledge, the report by Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service, paints a stark picture.

The report finds that over 1 million plant and animal species of a total of 8 million are at risk of going extinct over the next few decades.

“Ecosystems, species, wild populations, local varieties and breeds of domesticated plants and animals are shrinking, deteriorating or vanishing. The essential, interconnected web of life on Earth is getting smaller and increasingly frayed,” said Prof. Josef Settele, co-chair of the report. “This loss is a direct result of human activity and constitutes a direct threat to human well-being in all regions of the world.”

WWCE solar farms have land management policies to benefit biodiversity and funds from the sale of solar electricity is allocated for Wiltshire Wildlife.

Read the summary of the ISPBES report here:


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